General Admin Policies & Holidays

Posted by admin Posted on Jan - 10 - 2018

Divine Star Nails operates based on pre-set appointments as, for majority of time, it has turned to a one-technician operating facility due to health issues.  We open only based on pre-made appointments.  We close on Sudays and Mondays.

Please note:

* All pre-made appointments will be taken precedence over walk-ins, if walk-ins ever come in between the pre-made appointments and any time between two appointments are sufficient enough for the walk-in client.

* Wait time for walk-ins can not be predetermined although we try to estimate the wait time and inform walk-ins in advance.

We celebrate and close on the following holidays in 2022 and 2023:

January 1 (Saturday) – New Year’s Day
May 30 (Monday) – Memorial Day
July 4 (Monday) – Independence Day
September 5 (Monday) – Labor Day
November 24 (Thursday) – Thanksgiving Day
December 25 (Sunday) – Christmas

January 1 (Sunday) – New Year’s Day

Please make your appointments by calling at (732) 257-3200.

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