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Divine Star Natural Nail Services

DS Signature Manicure $15

Luxurious Spa Manicure $25

DS Signature Pedicure $25

Luxurious Spa Pedicure $50

        Mini Spa Pedicure  $40


Divine Star Nail Enhancement Services

Soak-off Color LED Gel $35 ($30 without gel removal)

Clear or Light Pink UV/LED Gel New Set $60 & Fill-in $40

Pink and White (Permanent French) UV/LED Builder Gel – New Set $80

               White Fill-in $ 55 & Clear/Light Pink Fill-in $40

Art UV Gel New Set $100 (Art Change $65 & Fill-in $40)

Silk Wrap Extension $60, Silk Wrap Set (with or without Tips) $50, & Silk Wrap Fill-in $30

        Color Gel added for $10 on top of any new Gel set or Fill- in

Divine Star Premiere Waxing Service

Eye Brows          Lip                    Chin

Bikini                 Brazilian

Half Arm            Full Arm          Under Arm

Half Leg             Full Leg

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